An incubator and accelerator of startups

Founded in 2007 by Blake Newman of Santa Monica, California and Luis Cuellar of Cali, Colombia.

Everybody who walked into our office, if they weren’t in the business of Hollywood, was an eager entrepreneur full of ideas striving to create the next big startup or social network. Optimistic, many had quit their jobs, cashed out their 401K stock savings plan, taken out home equity loans, and obtained new credit cards from banks willing and anxious to offer new lines of credit.

They came wanting for us to build a website or mobile app. But, what they needed was a strategy, market validation, target audience segmentation, focus groups, user testing, information architecture, logo design, marketing collateral, financing, a technical co-founder, and a pitch.

It became obvious to us that we weren’t just web designers. We were, in fact, lean startup consultants helping to incubate and accelerate startups. Hence the name, inQbation.

Then, in 2008, we saw the meteoric rise of Presidential candidate Barack Obama and his effective use of social media to win the Democractic nomination. About the same time, we saw the stock market crash from 14,000 to 6,000. Homes lost all their equity. Banks stopped lending money and handing out credit cards like they were candy. We figured that if Obama got elected then he would surely invest money in government websites. Sure enough, he got elected and the LA startup scene evaporated.

So, we loaded up the truck and moved to Washington, DC. Less than eighteen months later, we were sitting in the Executive Office of the President helping design, USAspending, and the IT Dashboard.

Nowadays, the only startups we incubate and accelerate are our own, namely, Agileana - a lean, agile veteran owned, web services company geared exclusively for government agencies. We spun off Balystic, a company focused on serving the web needs of nonprofit organizations. We co-founded Swapps USA, along with Andres Gonzalez, an information technology support outsource company.